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    A Unimog is a multipurpose build vehicle. It can be used for expeditions, agriculture, military or commercial use.

    This site serves people to buy and sell the German trucks from everywhere. UM is an exchange to get your used and new Unimog parts, attachments or Mercedes off-road camper vehicle.

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    Unimog 411

    Unimog 411 – The Last of The Legendary This beast is one of the variants that made the Unimog a household name. The 411 is the successor to the legendary Unimog 401, the first ever mog to receive the three-pointed star badge from Mercedes. The 411 filled the shoes of its predecessor quite well and it sold almost 40k units. It was offered in a dozen variants, which were built on one of two wheelbases. The truck came in cab models as well and there were significant technical changes made throughout its production interval. The 411 stopped production in 1974 after completing a run of 18 years. It eventually became the last of its series and literature suggests that it was succeeded by the larger Unimog 421. The following piece is a tribute to the Unimog 411. The Military Unimog 411 Like the outgoing Unimog 401, the Unimog 411 was preferred for military applications. This is no surprise considering that it was at least 20 percent more powerful. Not only that, but it was bu…
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    Unimog Implements

    The 10 Types of Unimog Attachments You Can Find There are many reasons why Unimog trucks are so widely used as utility tractors. They are powerful and feature excellent 4WD or all-wheel-drive drivetrains for maximum mobility. Built heavy-duty, they’re tough to kill and no obstacle can stop them. But there’s another major reason for their popularity; Unimog trucks are easily the most versatile vehicles on this planet. Mercedes have built them to allow the usage of implements. These are attachments that’ll allow your Unimog to be useful for specific applications. There are many Unimog attachments to choose from. Some are manufactured by Mercedes themselves, but there are many aftermarket ones available as well. From agricultural equipment to heavy construction equipment, it all depends on what you require. The following piece shows you some of the most useful Unimog implements you can find. Unimog Attachments and Their Uses New Mercedes Unimog trucks can be found with…
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    Unimog Municipality

    Unimog for Municipality Usage: 6 Road Maintenance That A Unimog Can Do Unimog trucks are some of the most popular vehicles in Europe and North America. They’re trucks that can be used for all sorts of purposes. These trucks are the first choice is most regions for agricultural and industrial applications due to their power and construction. One of the main uses of Unimogs is municipality-related maintenance. Yes, these trucks are used by contractors to keep the streets and roads in shape. These trucks can be used throughout the year, even when it is snowing heavily. So, why are they used, what are they used for, and which ones are the best? Why A Unimog Should Be Chosen for Municipality Usage We could go on and on about the usefulness of a Unimog and still not finish. This is a truck that sports a multitude of features that help make it a primal choice for heavy usage. The following are some of the features that make it preferred for municipality usage: High Effici…
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