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  • Unimogmeister offers a wide range of used and new unimogs for sale. The Mercedes-Benz sales are worldwide and offered by individuals or by expedition companies and traders.

    A Unimog is a multipurpose build vehicle. It can be used for expeditions, agriculture, military or commercial use.

    This site serves people to buy and sell the German trucks from everywhere. UM is an exchange to get your used and new Unimog parts, attachments or Mercedes off-road camper vehicle.

    Import your Mog sales from Germany or Europe. Sell and export the truck to the USA, Brazil, Australia, Canada or Africa and beyond.

    Can’t find what you are looking for? E.g. parts, accessoires or vehicles. Please let us help you. Fill in the wanted form and UM helps you find it.

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    € 13 750,-

    Unimog U1000

    Unimog U1000 Unimog U1000 in zeer goede staat, bouwjaar 1978 voorzien van 6 cilinder motor rond de 110pk, met vele opties zoals: – uitgebreide versnellingsbak […]
    € 150 900,-

    Unimog – U5023 4×4

    Fahrzeugausstattung: AZ4 Achsübersetzung i = 6,936 IO7 Verdichtungsstufe(6) 7 A30 Reifendruckregelanlage (tire control) IQ5 Verdichtungsstufe(7-8) 12 Fahrgestell LL A31 Radseitige-radstandabh. Teile für tire-control JV1 Vorrüstung,Verkabelung/Antenne,für […]
    € 105 900,-

    Unimog – U 5023 4×4 Einzelkabine

    Fahrzeugausstattung: Bereifung: 365/85 R20 A26 Radabdeckbleche, verstärkt B2Z Feststellbremse, zusätzlich an Vorderachse B5N Druckluft-Füllanschluss, vorn C7K Batterieträger, Batterien übereinander CE3 Auftritt, 3-stufig E17 PSM, Aufbau- […]
    £ 46 000,-


    Full Agricultural spec U417 completely overhauled and modified by AV Modifications carried out included: – Cab extension – Full roll frame – Original engine turbo […]

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    Unimog Tuning

    Mercedes Benz makes it’s Unimogs for rough terrain. From old Unimog 406 until the newest Unimog U 5023, they all make life easier for the working man in rough terrain. But what if you don’t own a Unimog for working? What if you want to take your big boy out for racing or on a Unimog rally? Is it possible to take a Unimog our rallying and what about Unimog tuning? Unimog Tuning The modern Unimog models don’t go faster than 55 miles an hour. If you have a rally in the dessert, that won’t be fast enough. A standard Unimog will never win you a rally. You might want some Unimog tuning to step up your Uimog’s game. The best possible way to do this is let a Unimog tuning specialist take over. Now these specialist will turn your trusted Mog into a whole other car. In a few weeks time your Unimog is turned into a black hellhound with speed and power. Speed and power for a Unimog do not come cheap though. If you want an easy and relatively cheap way to tune your Unimog, you might want t…
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