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  • Unimogmeister offers a wide range of used and new unimogs for sale. The Mercedes-Benz sales are worldwide and offered by individuals or by expedition companies and traders.

    A Unimog is a multipurpose build vehicle. It can be used for expeditions, agriculture, military or commercial use.

    This site serves people to buy and sell the German trucks from everywhere. UM is an exchange to get your used and new Unimog parts, attachments or Mercedes off-road camper vehicle.

    Import your Mog sales from Germany or Europe. Sell and export the truck to the USA, Brazil, Australia, Canada or Africa and beyond.

    Can’t find what you are looking for? E.g. parts, accessoires or vehicles. Please let us help you. Fill in the wanted form and UM helps you find it.

    Unimogmeister articles

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    Interview with Daniel – Let’s talk Unimogs

    “I always wanted a Unimog, and my children really encouraged me to take the step...so I can blame them!” About our driver Daniel Daniel (40 years old) is a world citizen. He has lived in several countries such as the UK, China and Australia. For over 20 years he has been living in Melbourne. The biggest advantage of living in Australia? “This gives me easy access to glorious roads and coastal areas as well as the High Country, mountain passes, and great roads such as the Black Spur and Great Ocean Road.” So does Daniel work with Unimog’s in your normal day to day job? Nope, “I work in the technology space...so very different to the Unimog!”   His love isn’t only for Unimogs. Outside of his time with the Unimog, Daniel relish the chance to travel, ride his old BMW motorbikes, and work on restoring a classic 90's Toyota Supra! We think most Unimog owners can relate ;)     Which Unimog(s) do you currently own A 1984 Unimog factory DOKA 1300L…
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    Let’s talk Unimogs – Our interview with Chris

    In these columns you will read stories from fans, owners, and manufacturers about their Unimogs. This week you can read about Chris from Australia. Chris is an electrician, entrepeneur and proud owner of 5 Unimogs. He currently owns a U1000, a U1700, a U1300, a U4000 and a U2150 + 2450L 6x6. In this article you can read all about how he started as a Unimog fanatic and his future plans.     “Six years ago, I bought my first Unimog, the U1000 built in 1979. My father-in-law always talked about Unimogs and how strong they were. He used to use them when he was in the military.”   Chris was always interested in cars and vehicles, mainly in the sports-genre, he told us. All that changed after he bought his first Mog. Now, he spends every weekend in his garage, working on his Unimogs.   Toys for boys “We bought our first Mog around Easter in 2016. In Australia, we have a holiday on the 25th of April as well. We had to wait three days before we c…
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    Unimog Cabins

    Unimog Cabin Types – What You Need to Know As a truck with a prestigious history of 75 plus years, the Unimog has had a lot of changes over the years. This applies to not just the technology used in it, but also its shape and size. From being box-like to being frog-eyed, all the way to the current shape which is built for maximum efficiency. When you’ll look through the Unimog trucks for sale online, you’ll find a multitude of different cabin types and sizes. In fact, the cabin type is one of the most important factors when buying a Unimog. But as you’ll browse through the listings, you’ll find many different cabs, with many different names. The following piece shows you the Unimog cabin types that you can find online: Single Cab We begin with the single cab Unimog trucks; these are undoubtedly the most commonly found ones in the market. The single cab configuration is found in all sorts of trucks and the Unimog is no different. Where it is different from several truck…
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