About Unimogmeister

A solid marketplace for Unimogs.

About me

This site was designed by me, Hugo Theunissen, a 21 year old student from the Netherlands with -just like you- a fascination for unimogs. I started getting interested in unimogs when I was 15 and bought my first unimog type 404, a cabrio. A lot of work and time had to be put into it before it was drivable. After the restoration was finished, something told me that being occupied with repairing the unimog was way nicer than owning one for a longer time. I decided to sell the unimog and buy another. As time went on I restored some unimogs but also bought some that were 100% finished. Those were just for fun and after a while I sold them too.


I spent a lot of time surfing the internet for a new unimog. However, every time I encountered the same sort of problems, for example: people that don’t mention features like hydraulics, PTO, horsepower or the possessing papers. It was essential for me to know everything about an unimog, especially when having to drive for a long time to inspect the vehicle. So i want to help people and make a perfect ad.

Why a worldwide Unimog Marketplace

The reason I built this site, is to create a solid marketplace for unimogs were the information about the product is clear for both the seller and the buyer.
Why did I do it now?


Last year I started university and moved to another city where I live in a student home. Unfortunately there is no workplace for me here and no time to maintain this hobby of mine. Yet to keep in contact with the unimog world I decided to build a website for you to buy or sell your Unimog, fix problems and of course to unite the community. So check out all the unimogs for sale.


Enjoy your experience on the website.


– Hugo Theunissen 2020

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