Unimog Fire Truck

You can see fire trucks in every village and in every city. Unfortunately, these large trucks are needed to save us people at times when we cannot protect ourselves against fire or other emergencies. The format of fire engines varies greatly. This depends on the country you live in, the environment and the landscape features.

For example, fire engines in the United States are much larger than, for example, in the Netherlands or Belgium, and fire trucks in densely wooded areas are equipped differently than in urban environments. But what if, as a fire brigade, you need a strong, four-wheel drive vehicle that is versatile and also has to last a long time? What do you choose?

Right, a Unimog Fire Engine! Fire Truck Unimog French Unimog Fire Engine A versatile 4x4 Unimog rescue vehicle

Unimogs never break. One of the reasons Fire Departments around the world choose a Unimog rescue vehicle. The Mog is relia…

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Known technical issues with Unimogs

Unimogs have been extremely strong and versatile trucks for decades, helping their owners with a variety of tasks. Because the Unimog has been around for so long and because there is a very wide range of models, it is not possible to list one or more known technical problems that apply to all Unimogs. If you were wondering what the usual technical isues on a Unimog are, we've asked around a bit.

We've talked to experts and know ourself and one thing's for sure: Unimogs just won't break,

Transmission problems on Unimogs

A problem with many Unimogs is the transmission. Because the Unimog is high on its suspension and therefore has a lot of ground clearance, many owners use the vehicle to drive through water or snow. As a result, the water sometimes ends up in the transmission and causes problems after years of use.

It is advisable to first take a good look at a Unimog that you want to purchase and maybe even subject it…

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Unimog Tuning

Mercedes Benz makes it’s Unimogs for rough terrain. From old Unimog 406 until the newest Unimog U 5023, they all make life easier for the working man in rough terrain. But what if you don’t own a Unimog for working? What if you want to take your big boy out for racing or on a Unimog rally? Is it possible to take a Unimog our rallying and what about Unimog tuning? Unimog Tuning The modern Unimog models don’t go faster than 55 miles an hour. If you have a rally in the dessert, that won’t be fast enough. A standard Unimog will never win you a rally. You might want some Unimog tuning to step up your Uimog’s game. The best possible way to do this is let a Unimog tuning specialist take over. Now these specialist will turn your trusted Mog into a whole other car. In a few weeks time your Unimog is turned into a black hellhound with speed and power. Speed and power for a Unimog do not come cheap though. If you want an easy and relatively cheap way to tune your Unimog, you might want t…
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