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CONTACT Nicholas Landon
Devesset, Ardeche, France
€ 16,450
Unimog 411 24/04/2019

Selling private
Diesel OM636
6 forward + 2 reverse
(Drum brakes)
Firestone 7.50 x 18 Farmer Tractor
(yes, three sided)
More Information
This UNIMOG 411-118 32HP DIN is in an exceptional mechanical and bodywork condition. The motor hours on the clock (only 1,957 hours!) & the speedo km reading 62 km are also exceptionally low for a 54-year-old vehicle. (This 411-118 was previously owned, and used with a rear-mounted platform snowblower, by a small rural commune in the Loire department in France, which probably is the logical explanation for the low 1,957 hours and “00062” km figures.)
A new ex-German Army UNIMOG full-synchro original gearbox, & new three-sided hydraulic tipper were installed within the last 7-8 years. The 2 seats were completely refurbished in early 2019 by an expert saddler, with new seat covers.
This 411-118 has a metal roof, as opposed to the typical "canvas" roof.
There are PTO points on the front and rear. And a rear-mounted electrical connection for a trailer.
There is a front-mounted mechanical winch with a direct drive from the front PTO.
This 411-118 has been completely overhauled & repainted, and the last in-depth service was made in 06-2018 (invoice available.) In 07-2018 a full chassis treatment + industrial painting was also completed on the entire vehicle.
The 4 x Firestone 7.5 x 18 “Farmer” tractor tires are barely used.
Photos (multiple photos of the exterior, chassis-level, hydraulic, motor compartment areas etc.) are available on request.
Price: 17,750€, on site, 75km west of Valence in the Ardèche (07), France.
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