The Unimog Agrar Series

The Best Tool for Agriculture? The Mercedes Benz Unimog trucks are some of the most iconic beasts produced in the automotive world. These trucks are widely acclaimed for their workhorse capabilities and their durability. As a result, they’re some of the most popular trucks for sale in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, etc. The Agrar trucks are some of the most sought out when Unimogs are considered. These are primarily designed for agricultural usage. Unimog Agrar trucks are known to last an eternity and the latest versions are also very friendly to the environment. The following’s a brief overview of the Unimog Agrar: Agrar Features Agrar literally translates to “agriculture” in the German language, and that’s what this brand is all about. The Unimog Agrar trucks comes with a separate body type. Loaded with chunkier tires, they feature a dump truck bed, raisable by a hydraulic ramp. One can find some models that feature a plough upfront. On the models in the market, t…
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