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Couch is a true leader and enthusiast in the Unimog community in the United States. He and his Mogs have been to places and traversed terrains previously thought impossible to conquer. Aside from being the first American to race in Europe's biggest off-road event, Breslau Rallye, Couch has worked with SpiderPlow's Unimogs installing fiber optic/power cables, gas lines and waterlines all around the globe. Eventually hired as a leader for research and development, he also traveled the world to train workers in the most efficient use of the Unimog and MAN in all environments.


Couch Off-Road Engineering is first and foremost about excellence in Unimog and 4WD vehicle service and customization. Only the highest quality designs meet our standards, and we always deliver a durable off-road vehicle for our client's particular needs. Our commitment to perfection and many years of experience across the globe have made C.O.R.E. the number one authority in Unimog vehicles.

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Unicat Megga Mog 320hp

$ 650 000,-

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