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Unimogmeister is not involved in any transaction between any party who uses our site. There are risks which You assume when dealing with people who might be acting


under false pretenses; all of these risks are borne by You. We are a venue only and do not screen or censor or otherwise control the listings offered to other Users, nor does Unimogmeister screen or censor or otherwise control the Users of its service. Grand Times cannot and does not control the behavior of the participants on this site. We cannot control


whether or not Users of the Unimogmeister classified ads service will complete the transactions they describe on our site. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU USE CARE THROUGHOUT YOUR DEALINGS WITH OTHER PEOPLE ON THIS SITE!


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The sale and purchase of objects and services on unimogmeister.com is in principle permitted if the trade is not prohibited by national or international laws and regulations. The basic principle is that an object or service that can be sold offline can also generally be sold via unimogmeister.com.


In addition, unimogmeister.com itself also sets rules regarding the placing of advertisements and the use of its website. In some cases, Unimogmeister departs from the above principle and prohibits the provision of certain objects and services, even if trading in these is not prohibited by national or international laws and regulations.




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  4. Any ad that appears to be merely a test posting, a joke, or otherwise insincere or non-serious is subject to removal.
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