Importing a Unimog from Europe to the USA

Importing a Unimog

The US has an amazing car culture but there are many vehicles that aren’t available in it. The Unimog truck is one of those vehicles. This is quite a disappointment as the country truly appreciates large and insane heavy-duty vehicles like the mog.

However, just because the truck isn’t sold by Mercedes in the US, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have it. All you need to know is where to find the Unimog of your dreams and the process to get it to the states. The following piece shows you how to import a Unimog from Europe to the USA.

Are Unimogs street legal in the USA?

Can you drive a Unimog in the US? Yes, you definitely can. This is as long as the truck in question complies with the Federal motor vehicle safety standards followed in the country. This is not true for all European Unimog trucks, only the ones that are built as US spec vehicles.

You can find this out by looking at a European Unimog’s compliance sticker. If it is not compliant under US regulations, then you’re going to have to reach out to registered importers. The former is preferred because the latter can be an expensive procedure.

Can you import a Unimog to USA?

Yes, you can but there are a few things you must consider. For starters, the Unimog under consideration cannot be younger than 25 years. Then, the truck should be able to meet the emission standards of your state. You should also make sure that the truck is in good condition and is clean on shipping.

How To Import a Unimog to The US By Yourself

Importing any vehicle by yourself is no easy task, especially if you haven’t done it before. To describe the process briefly, you need to deal with the following:

European Paperwork

Now this is no rocket science if you know the language of the country you’re going to import from. All you need is the invoice of the sale and then the export documentation. If there’s a communication gap, you may hire a logistics company of that area to do this.

Security and Customs

You must give a statement to the Homeland Security Department that the truck will be loaded on the ship at least 72 hours before it sails. When the truck enters the US, you must get it cleared from the Customs Department. They’ll ask for paperwork related to the DOT and the EPA.

Should you hire brokers for this job, they’ll make the process a lot easier. They know all the jargons and they’ll take care of all the paperwork for you. There are various charges related to handling, custom fees, different duties, and the port where the truck landed.

If you decide to save money and do this yourself, make sure you take the right steps otherwise you could be given a fine for your troubles. You then need to clear the truck out of the port. Some ports will require you to get your Unimog towed out.


Finally, you need to get the Unimog registered for your state. The people in charge will ask you for all kinds of paperwork related to the processes discussed above. The procedure for registration varies from state to state so you should be aware of yours.

Issue You May Face

There are several problems you can encounter during the process. The first one is during the purchase of the Unimog. You need to have a proper channel to transfer the funds to the seller. The truck must be locked and fastened properly when it is on the ship.

Then, there are issues with the customs procedure. Your customs duty can start from 2.5% and go all the way to 25%. It all depends on what your Unimog is classified as in the US (camper, truck, etc.). There are problems with having a bad broker who can mess up and forget your paperwork.

This can lead to excessive charges on your end. Finally, your truck could land in a port that’s far away from your home. Then you’ll need to transport it all the way to where you need it. You could drive it all the way home or have it shipped, depending on your budget.


So, this was a brief article about the import process for a Unimog truck. It sounds like a difficult process but you can save a lot of stress if you opt for reliable brokers. Other than that, you’ll definitely feel content when you finally have the number plates on your beloved truck. It will all be worth the hassle.

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