Unimog information

The Unimog is a multi-purpose 4×4 vehicle created in the year 1948 by Boehringer in Germany short after the second world war. It’s produced by Daimler, who took over the production in 1951 and sold under the name Mercedes-Benz Unimog. Unimog stands for “UNIversal MOtor Gerät” wich means universal motor device. The Unimog was and still is, used for multiple jobs like farming, construction work, military activities and much more.

Unimog logo old
Unimog 401 history

Unimog history

Unimog 406 agrar

Unimog 406

Lothar Spurzem unimog 404 s army unimogmeister

Unimog 404

Unimog U-serie unimogmeister

Unimog U-serie

Unimog U Army military, unimogmeister

Army Unimogs

Unimog camper unimogmeister

Camper Unimog

“A swiss army knife on wheels”