MB Trac

How Great Was Mercedes-Benz at Making Tractors?

Mercedes-Benz is well-known for making sporty and luxurious vehicles. But they’ve also got other things going on in terms of the design and production of trucks and vans. In fact, there was a time period between 1973 to 1991, where they made tractors as well.

These were known as the MB Trac, now known as the WF Trac. These have received praise for being some of the toughest vehicles on planet earth. In addition to this, they’ve also been lauded for having great engines, and outperforming their competition.

So, how great are these tractors, and how do they fare up today?

MB Trac Features

The MB Trac is a large tractor that can be used for all purposes. From agricultural ploughing to industrial hauling, and everything in between; it is an ideal machine. The tractor is highly based on the Unimog class of trucks, which is well-known for being versatile and durable.

The Trac is large in size and it utilizes a four-wheel drive drivetrain. Combine this configuration with large tires and you get unmatched mobility on all terrains. The tractor certainly doesn’t disappoint when you’re bogged down in wet mud on the steepest of hills.

But it is not just its capable offroading ability that makes suitable for large-scale farming. The MB Trac is quick as well, and this is what makes it brilliant for transportation on road. This speed and an excellent towing capacity (as we’ll see) makes it a viable tool for hauling trailers that carry a lot of payload.

Apart from its standard 4×4 system, the tractor also received praise for its equally-sized tires. Apart from this, you got a centralized and commanding driving position. Of course, like any Mercedes-Benz, it offered you a lot of equipment in the cabin.

Not only was the cabin comfortable, but the tractor was built spectacularly. It employed a rear axle that supported it through all of the heavy-duty usage. While the one up in the front was supported by the suspension and it brought along the aforementioned comfort for the driver.


If you’re looking for used MB Tracs for sale, then you’ll be glad to find an extensive range of them. For starters, you’ll notice that many of them are old; the most recent models being at least 30 years old. This simply alludes to the quality that Mercedes built them with.

You’ll find numerous models online, often characterized by the size of their body and engine. The MB Trac 700 to 900 (Type 440) are the smaller tractors of this family for spraying. Meanwhile, the tractors MB Trac 1000 to the almighty 1800 (Types 441, 442, & 443). These are the larger unstoppable workhorses for hauling.

While all of them have a 4-wheel drive system, some of them are also turbocharged. These are the ones that’ll deliver the most power, while torque is a common characteristic. Overall, they are all easy to maintain and efficient to run, even in 2021.


While looking at MB Trac vehicles online, you’ll be confused with some numbers and figures. While features and goodies are important for the driver’s ease, the numbers are a bit more on the technical side. However, they will help you decide which is the best choice for you.


There are as many engines for this tractor as there are models. As mentioned above, the Type 440 models have less powerful engines, with the least amount of power produced at 68 horsepower with 4 cylinders. These come paired with 8- or 12-speed transmissions.

The Types 441, 442, and 443 have bigger engines with 6 cylinders connected to 14/16-speed gearboxes. The most powerful engine that you can get is in the 1800 intercooler, which makes 180hp. At this rate, the maximum speeds that you can achieve with these Types are in the range of 40-60kph.


With that, we conclude that the MB Trac is a super tractor for its age. This is a beast of a machine that can get all sorts of work done for agricultural and industrial usage. It is much more intelligently built than all of its peers from its time.

The only thing you should look out for is the condition of the gearbox as that can be pricey to maintain.

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