Sell my Unimog

How do I sell my Unimog quick and for a right amount of money?

Whether you are selling a Unimog 404, 406, 2010 or U1300, selling a Unimog can take some time and you may not be getting the amount of money that you wished for. So how do I sell my Unimog more efficiently?

The Unimog advertisement

First of all you have to pay a lot of attention to the advertisement that you are going to make. Make sure that you provide enough information (especially technical data).


There are two things that will jump out for people when scrolling between Unimog ads, this are pictures and the price. They always say a picture says more than a thousand words. This is true, but a blurry or bad picture also says a thousand words but not the wright ones.

  1. taking pictures should be done with enough light, so recommended is around noon or 14.00 clock. If you are taking pictures inside make sure that there is enough light.
  2. Make sure that there is enough space free around the Unimog.
  3. A neat space around the Unimog is recommended. Buyers of a Unimog don’t want to be distracted by a messy place around the vehicle. A messy space could also indicate that you didn’t take care of the Unimog and neglected it.
  4. All sides of the vehicle must be in the picture.
  5. Make a picture of what is under the hood (the motor).
  6. Take pictures of the back of the Vehicle, A Unimog U 1300 isn’t a U 1700.

Technical info about the Unimog

A potential buyer is going to spend a lot of money, probably for the hobby. Provide them with all the information you have about the Unimog. We’re talking about technical info in particular. Don’t tell them the construction year and how many hours there are on the clock, mention everything. Tell them what type of tyres there are on the Unimog and what the state is of the tyres, also tell them what kind of gear it has. Mention what kind of fuel it runs on, for example a Unimog 404 runs on benzine but some 404 run on diesel. Not every Unimog 406 is equipped with the same gearbox.

Not every potential buyer will be interested in this info, but the ones that are interested will appreciate the info and know that you have a lot of knowledge about Unimog’s. This will give them the feeling that they are buying the right Unimog at the right person.

sell my unimog, unimog 419

this unimog has a lot of technical features that need to be described

Determine the price to sell your Unimog

There are a lot of Unimog’s for sale on the internet. So you can compare your price that you had in mind with prices of similar Unimog’s that are already listed. If you want to ask a higher price you have to stand out with the rest, what makes your Unimog more special? That is what buyers want to know. If there is a difference of 1000 euro or dollar and your Unimog is about similar why would anyone choose for you? The selling location can be determining but not for a lot of people.

Recently renovated Unimog

Mention recently repaired or renovated parts of the Unimog and if people ask for it provide them pictures. You don’t have to mention the exact cost of the repair, this could be a turn down for people. Possible buyers won’t contact you because they will probably have in mind that you will be stubborn and won’t negotiate.


Every new Unimog comes with papers about the vehicle. We know that not every Unimog is very new but more likely to be older than 40 years. So there is a chance that not all the papers are there anymore. Please mention this because some people can only buy the Unimog if it has the right papers, this has most of the time something to do with where they live.

Meeting people in real life to sell.

After contacting potential buyers there is the moment that some of the people want to see the Unimog in real life.