Known technical issues with Unimogs

Unimogs have been extremely strong and versatile trucks for decades, helping their owners with a variety of tasks. Because the Unimog has been around for so long and because there is a very wide range of models, it is not possible to list one or more known technical problems that apply to all Unimogs. If you were wondering what the usual technical isues on a Unimog are, we’ve asked around a bit.

We’ve talked to experts and know ourself and one thing’s for sure: Unimogs just won’t break,

Transmission problems on Unimogs

A problem with many Unimogs is the transmission. Because the Unimog is high on its suspension and therefore has a lot of ground clearance, many owners use the vehicle to drive through water or snow. As a result, the water sometimes ends up in the transmission and causes problems after years of use.

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It is advisable to first take a good look at a Unimog that you want to purchase and maybe even subject it to a purchase inspection before you happily drive home with a potential bad buy. Replacing the entire transmission on a Unimog can sometimes cost a lot.

Rust is a known “technical” issue on old Unimogs

The same water is also the cause of another, slightly less technical problem, namely rust! Because Unimogs are used as a snow plow, in the forest or in other wetlands, it sometimes happens that the paint has to give way to corrosion.

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This is especially the case with models over fifteen years old, but some younger Unimogs also have to deal with the brown demon. So pay close attention to Unimogs older than fifteen years and pay particular attention to the underside of the vehicle and the wheel arches.

You can usually recognize the rust by reddish-brown spots that form on bare metal or a light bump in the paint. If you find this, we advise you either to look further at another Unimog, or to calculate in advance how much work removing rust will cost you. In any case, take into account a lot of sanding, welding and cutting.

Choice stress

Again not a technical problem, but one that we hear a lot of Unimog enthusiasts about: choice stress. Unimogs retain their value and are therefore not cheap to buy. So you want to choose the perfect Mog and not make a bad buy.

Add to that the choice to buy a Unimog that completely suits your needs or to buy a Unimog and adjust it to your liking and your sleepless nights are complete.

We advise you to look carefully for a Unimog that best suits your needs. Unimog parts are quite pricey and customizing it to your liking can cost a lot of money and also take a lot of time.

This can be prevented by searching internationally for a Unimog that fully meets your needs. If you don’t have time to carry out such a search now, Unimogmeister is always willing to search for the most beautiful Unimogs that meet your wish list. Contact us now!