The Unimog Agrar Series

The Best Tool for Agriculture?

The Mercedes Benz Unimog trucks are some of the most iconic beasts produced in the automotive world. These trucks are widely acclaimed for their workhorse capabilities and their durability. As a result, they’re some of the most popular trucks for sale in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, etc.

The Agrar trucks are some of the most sought out when Unimogs are considered. These are primarily designed for agricultural usage. Unimog Agrar trucks are known to last an eternity and the latest versions are also very friendly to the environment.

The following’s a brief overview of the Unimog Agrar:

Agrar Features

Agrar literally translates to “agriculture” in the German language, and that’s what this brand is all about. The Unimog Agrar trucks comes with a separate body type. Loaded with chunkier tires, they feature a dump truck bed, raisable by a hydraulic ramp. One can find some models that feature a plough upfront.

On the models in the market, there are goodies such as 4×4 capabilities. Front and rear power lifts, hitches, and even air conditioning are also great to have. You can also find all-wheel steering on some models for maximum maneuverability.

Like all other Unimog trucks, the Agrar variants are considered to be efficient and reliable for every time period. This is why we can find decades’ old Agrar trucks still going strong in the fields. These trucks are used in cultivating fields and all types of agricultural logistics.

In the interior, there is room for your head and legs (sometimes not much). In the more recent models, you can expect quite a degree of refinement as well. They’re quite practically designed as the switches and buttons are where you’d expect them to be. This is a reason why Unimogs are also used for recreation.


Because the Agrar truck configuration is so old, we can find many Unimog trucks that are of this type. As mentioned above, they’re often uniquely identified by their dumper truck bed. The Unimog 411 is a classic example of an Agrar-based truck from the 90s.

The Unimog U 430 Agrar and U 500 Agrar are one of the more recent machines to be offered by Merc. Even a decade old U20 Agrar is another great truck to have if one’s looking for something more compact. A testament to the Unimog Agrar’s durability are the models from the 50s running today.


When it comes to buying any sort of truck, we always tend to look at the technical side of things instead of luxuries. In the case of the Agrar, you certainly won’t be disappointed. These trucks sport some of the best figures that truly make them suitable for heavy duty agricultural usage among other things.


As you’ll scroll through the Unimog Agrar market, you’ll find that there are a plenty of engine types to choose from. However, many of them will have one thing in common: a turbodiesel engine. This can be an I4, V8, or a V6 engine. This should bring about the horsepower figures in the 84-300hp range.

This is until you get to the torque figures as the latest Unimog truck will produce around 900Nm, or more than 600 lb-ft. This gives it quite the turning effect and having a diesel-engine, it is able to work well at low RPMs. As far as the speed is concerned, most Unimog Agrar trucks can do from 60 to 89kph.

Towing Capacity

Now, this is an aspect that confuses a lot of people. It is because Unimog trucks utilize towing hitches so it all depends on how well you equip yours to tow. People say that their Unimog trucks can tow from around 20 tons to about a thousand tons! These figures make the Agrar a suitable hauler for all trailers.

Payload Capacity

With the truck bed of its type, the Unimog Agrar is expected to be able to carry a lot of weight. And it is, with the highest possible payload capacity available of 13.8 tons. With the hydraulically assisted bed, the Agrar should be able to easily carry all sorts of cargo and materials.

Fuel Mileage

The Agrar models consume about the same mpg as most Unimog trucks. However, they are the best choice in the market as compared to their agricultural peers.


The Agrar is the best tool for agriculture. It’s a fine alternative to most tractors. It’s designed for off-road driving, is tech-filled, comfy, built to last, and fuel efficient. While we recommend you get a more recent model, it really doesn’t matter even if you pick an old one due to the sheer toughness of the truck.

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