Unimog Cabins

Unimog Cabin Types – What You Need to Know

As a truck with a prestigious history of 75 plus years, the Unimog has had a lot of changes over the years. This applies to not just the technology used in it, but also its shape and size. From being box-like to being frog-eyed, all the way to the current shape which is built for maximum efficiency.

When you’ll look through the Unimog trucks for sale online, you’ll find a multitude of different cabin types and sizes. In fact, the cabin type is one of the most important factors when buying a Unimog. But as you’ll browse through the listings, you’ll find many different cabs, with many different names.

The following piece shows you the Unimog cabin types that you can find online:

Single Cab

We begin with the single cab Unimog trucks; these are undoubtedly the most commonly found ones in the market. The single cab configuration is found in all sorts of trucks and the Unimog is no different. Where it is different from several trucks is that there are seating options for three people.

This is because the single cab can accommodate a third, central seat as well. The cab has just enough space to carry its occupants and you do not get space behind the seats. The single cab type is chosen for many reasons. One of them is the economic side as it costs lesser than its double-cab counterpart.

Another reason is that the truck bed is longer. This is advantageous to those Unimog drivers who need more room to carry stuff than people. The payload and towing capacities of the truck are also affected as the single cab has an ability to carry and tow more.

But the shorter cabin size doesn’t mean that you’ll lose a lot of features. In fact, Mercedes-Benz offer all the latest Unimog trucks with the same luxurious goodies, plus headroom and legroom. The only difference lies in the size of the in-cabin storage.

Double Cab or DoKa

With that, we move on to the double cabin Unimog, aka the crewcab. This bad boy is when you need extra space to carry more passengers. You’ll find many versions online that have been labelled DoKa, which is the short form for Doppel Kabine – the German term for double cabin.

Unlike regular crewcab trucks, this can carry up to 7 people, plus their luggage. It is ideal for every crew from researchers to technicians. Mercedes have designed this to accommodate a whole crew without compromising too much on the truck bed length.

The more recent versions of this cab will have two versions: the second row can have 4 seats or an option of 3 seats. So, you can find 7- or 5-seater Unimog trucks in the market. You also get more room for interior storage.

This is because the rear seats are not only foldable but they are fitted with spacious compartments below them. These allow you to put stuff in them such as tools and other materials. The only disadvantage of this config is that it is pricier than the standard cab.


One of the features of the Unimog that made it stand out was its Cabrio configuration. This is essentially the cab with a soft-top roof that can be found in older models such as the Unimog 401, Unimog 404 and the Unimog 421. You’ll find that the military Unimog trucks tend to have cabrio configurations as well.


Westfalia was a company that became famous for converting regular vans into camper vans. They also have a special relationship with the Unimog. They’ve made campervan versions for the Unimog, plus special cabs for some models. The following are some important cabins you can come across:

Westfalia B Cab

This is the original Westfalia cab, known to enthusiasts as the frog-eyed Unimog. You can find this version in the Unimog 401.

Westfalia Crew Cab

This is the campervan version of the Unimog and it is also available in the older models like the Unimog 402.

Westfalia DvF Cab

We got the Westfalia DvF cab in the Unimog 411 and this version is slightly bigger than the Type B.

Wackenhut Cab

You can also come across cabs from Wackenhut. This is a company that makes cabs for emergency vehicle Unimog trucks. Even the oldest Unimog firetrucks should have a cab made by them.


As evident by this article, the Unimog has a lot of configurations. Apart from these, you can also find self-made Unimog cabs in the market, which have been designed and fabricated by the previous owner. You are advised to analyze them in terms of safety though.

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