Unimog Crane

The Unimog Attachment for Heavy-Lifting

Truck mounted cranes, or boom trucks are quite an underrated sight. One reason is particularly because many aren’t aware of their benefits. Another reason is that they’re known for issues with stability as compared to standard cranes. The latter isn’t a problem with Unimog trucks however.

This is because a Unimog truck has a much better weight distribution than your average crane truck. Plus, it can be loaded with even more attachments due to its excellent versatility for more stability. A Unimog truck-mounted crane can optimize your workload and finances like no other.

The following shows you why the Unimog crane trucks are so popular, and all the related info.

How A Unimog Truck Crane Can Help You


It isn’t uncommon to hear that a Unimog can do it all. This is evident by the sheer number of Unimog attachments out there. In fact, you can have different Unimog implements in the rear and front, while still being able to slap on a crane attachment in the middle for lifting heavy.

More Jobsites

You then end up with a lot more infrastructure and hence more value to provide if you’re running a business. As a result, you can also take on more projects at once. For someone working on construction sites, this means that they can essentially replace the work of three vehicles with just one.

Transporting Costs

Furthermore, bringing in different construction equipment can take more time and can cost more in doing so. Unimog trucks are much more maneuverable and transportable. The result? This can save them a lot of money on bringing in separate construction equipment if they’re productive enough.

Unimog Rentals

If you’re looking to make money while sitting at home, all you need is a crane operator. You can rent out your Unimog for a high price. Many people will value your Unimog boom truck more because they’ll save money on insurance and crane operation. They won’t need their own crane operator certification.

Types of Unimog Cranes

We’ve established that Unimog crane trucks can make your business boom and your life easy. Let’s look at some types of Unimog cranes now. A common denominator between them is that they’re all based use a hydraulic system. Differences lie in their linkages and where they’re mounted.

You can find many Unimogs with these cranes for sale online. They are the following:

Knuckle Crane

It is a mounted crane that is called as such because its boom articulates about the center. The advantage that this has is that it can be used in a smaller worksite where space is an issue. This crane can be mounted behind the cab or at the extreme end of the Unimog with no issues.

Telescoping Crane

A telescopic boom crane is also an option to get for your Unimog. This is another useful crane that can be mounted behind the cab or at the rear. The primary use of this hydraulic crane is for the loading and unloading of heavy-equipment.

Recycling Crane

These are the boom cranes that have special tools that can assist in recycling operations. You’ll also find versions catering to lumber and timber applications.

Best Unimog Crane Brands

It is important to know which crane manufacturers are the most popular for Unimog trucks. The best ones are the following:


This is a commonly sought out crane manufacturer for Unimog trucks. This is an Austrian crane maker that has been around for almost a century now. The company specializes in making articulating knuckle boom truck cranes. It also makes other mobile cranes such as crawler cranes, crane lifts, etc.


Right next to Palfinger in reputation is HIAB, a Nordic manufacturer of hauling and material-handling equipment for the crane industry. HIAB make everything from your smallest crane parts to aerial work platforms apart from large cranes. This company has also been around for more than half a century.


MKG is a fine example of German engineering in the mobile crane industry. They also make all sorts of crane equipment including construction cranes and ones with jibs. You can find cranes with a multitude of specs and sizes on their catalogues. These can be separate or they can be attached to truck bodies.

Atlas Crane

The British entry here; this company also makes hydraulic boom cranes and more, as part of truck equipment and accessories. You can find all types of cranes and rigging equipment on their brochures.


There’s no wonder that a Unimog crane makes trucking a lot more useful. But before you say goodbye to crawler cranes and begin your crane service, it is important to understand crane safety. You should know about handling equipment and be aware of what your crane can handle to get the job done.

Heavy machinery is no joke. If you plan on providing crane rental services, then ensure that the crane driver you provide is properly certified. All crane operators must have the proper license obtained after getting crane training based on their region to properly operate.

Used cranes need a proper crane inspection for safety reasons, so be mindful of that as well. To find your Unimog crane for sale, visit: https://www.unimogmeister.com/used-unimog-mercedes/unimog-attachements-accessoiries-tires/

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