Unimog Fire Truck

You can see fire trucks in every village and in every city. Unfortunately, these large trucks are needed to save us people at times when we cannot protect ourselves against fire or other emergencies. The format of fire engines varies greatly. This depends on the country you live in, the environment and the landscape features.

For example, fire engines in the United States are much larger than, for example, in the Netherlands or Belgium, and fire trucks in densely wooded areas are equipped differently than in urban environments. But what if, as a fire brigade, you need a strong, four-wheel drive vehicle that is versatile and also has to last a long time? What do you choose?

Right, a Unimog Fire Engine!

A versatile 4×4 Unimog rescue vehicle

Unimogs never break. One of the reasons Fire Departments around the world choose a Unimog rescue vehicle. The Mog is reliable, strong and versatile, which means that firefighters like to use this German power house.

In addition, the Unimog fire truck is manoeuvrable and can be used in difficult areas due to the four-wheel drive. Every firefighter is happy to drive or experience the Unimog as a support vehicle during rescue operations.

The Unimog fire engine is ideal against wildfires

In wooded areas, the Unimog is often used as a fire truck. In these areas too, the Unimog’s maneuverability is an asset that is not easily won by another vehicle. In tight and difficult to access areas you can easily reach fires and tunnel fires, for example, with the Unimog.

Unimog feuerwehr im einsatz

Wildfires are no problem for a Unimog fire truck anyway. Thanks to the low center of gravity and the small turning circle, you can extinguish fires in any difficult-to-access area.

In one way or another, the Unimog fire truck is somewhat endearing

Of course, the red, relatively small, but strong fire engine looks a bit strange. In one way or another, the Unimog fire truck is somewhat endearing in this outfit.

Multi-use 4×4 Mercedes Truck

But make no mistake! The Unimog is without a doubt the only fire engine you want to see when you need to be rescued after a mountain climbing adventure that got out of hand or when your car has driven into a cliff or pit. The Unimog and its crew effortlessly ensure that you are back on the ground in no time. Buy your Unimog Fire Truck now!