Unimog for sale – Used and new German Mercedes Unimogs

A Unimog is a vehicle that has more than one purpose. The German build truck functions as a vehicle that can help out everyone. Unimog is produced by Daimler and sold under the brand name Mercedes-Benz.
The name stands for “UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät”, Gerät being the German word for device. Daimler-Benz took over manufacture of the Unimog in 1951. Unimogs are used by people in the shipyards, agriculture, mining & oil industry but also a safari truck. On Unimogmeister you can find Unimogs for sale or parts that fit your needs. Simply contact the owner of a Unimog. Sellers on the website can be private or commercial. There are even companies on the website that are specialized in trading Unimogs. Make sure the see their Unimog occasions.

Unimog models & Unimog series

Popular Unimog models are the Unimog 406, mainly used as hobby vehicle or for agricultural use, the Unimog U1300, A great off-road vehicle that was mainly build for armies from all over the world. You can also buy newer models on the website such as a Unimog U4000 or U5000 that are perfect for in the oil industry or transporting equipment where most trucks can’t come. Till today municipalities and road/railroad workers are driving a Unimog. Common used Unimogs for road maintenance or rail work are the Unimogs from the series U405, also known as the Unimog U300 - U400 - U500. Read more about Unimog models, series and types

Unimog features

The German build Unimog are equipped with different features. Some unimogs that you can buy are equipped with a three-sided tipper system and other with a hydraulic system to operate external machines on your Unimog. Other people don’t use their unimog for work but drive around with their Unimog and a camperbox. The Unimog is popular as expedition vehicle for people to go on holidays with or explore the wild. On Unimogmeister you can find (used) Unimogs for sale with different features & aspects for all kind of purpose. Features like a crane or a winch are factors that determine the price of a Unimog that is for sale.

Unimogmeister - the place to sell and buy a used or new Mercedes-Benz Unimog

This website functions as a marketplace where people from Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, USA, Australia, UK and more places from over the world can buy a Unimog, parts or attachments. Unimogmeister is built to function as an online trading platform only for Unimog trucks and parts. We are specialized website that has a focus specific on Unimogs, the ideal expedition vehicle but also your army or forest truck.

Unimog marketplace – buy and sell Unimogs trucks and Unimog parts

You can sell a Unimog or parts yourself on Unimogmeister. This can be done simply and quick. For creating a free Unimog advertisement to sell your used Mercedes truck, simply create an account on the website and afterwards an advertisement. Wen completing a Unimog listing your advertisement will be checked in no time and is up for sale.
Did you find the right Unimog for sale that you were looking for? Contact the seller of the Unimog by phone or email. Most of the times you can make an arrangement to check the Unimog on location. When the seller and buyer make an agreement about the price and other conditions, the Unimog will be sold to the new owner.
On Unimogmeister you will find more used than new Unimogs. Parts from Unimogs are 50% of the time used and 50% of the time new. Make sure to check this before buying Unimog parts.

Popular Unimogs to buy

  • Unimog Doka
  • Unimog Cabrio
  • Unimog with Crane
  • Unimog Agrar
  • Unimog Forst
  • Unimog Camper / Unimog expedition vehicle
  • Unimog Winch
  • Fully restored/repaired Unimog
  • MB-Trac
  • Unimog Ruthmann
  • Funmog

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