Unimog Implements

The 10 Types of Unimog Attachments You Can Find

There are many reasons why Unimog trucks are so widely used as utility tractors. They are powerful and feature excellent 4WD or all-wheel-drive drivetrains for maximum mobility. Built heavy-duty, they’re tough to kill and no obstacle can stop them.

But there’s another major reason for their popularity; Unimog trucks are easily the most versatile vehicles on this planet. Mercedes have built them to allow the usage of implements. These are attachments that’ll allow your Unimog to be useful for specific applications.

There are many Unimog attachments to choose from. Some are manufactured by Mercedes themselves, but there are many aftermarket ones available as well. From agricultural equipment to heavy construction equipment, it all depends on what you require.

The following piece shows you some of the most useful Unimog implements you can find.

Unimog Attachments and Their Uses

New Mercedes Unimog trucks can be found with all sorts of advanced attachment options. However, you can also find older Unimog trucks that can cater to the used equipment online.

Here are the best Unimog attachments available:

1. Unimog Winch

A winch is a pretty basic attachment for vehicles that are driven off terrain. So yes, it isn’t uncommon to find Unimogs that have a winch machine attached. A winch can simply pull on anything towable and it can also be used to pull objects in inaccessible places.

2. Unimog Excavator

A feature that makes Unimog trucks useful on construction sites is a potential excavating attachment. This allows the truck in question to do landscaping projects requiring excavation. It’s a great substitute for a regular excavator which is difficult to transport.

3. Unimog Crane

A common Unimog attachment is the crane, which is used for lifting heavy objects. But unlike a regular crane, you have a useful bed to place your lifted objects into and carry them. This means that it replaces not one, but two vehicles!

4. Unimog Plow

The Unimog is the best piece of farm equipment you can get. So ultimately, it can also come with a plow. This allows you to set up your fields for optimal farming practices. Another example of its versatility? You can attach plows to both its front and rear ends.

5.Unimog Mower

The mower attachment is for trimming large areas of grass. This is what makes a Unimog suitable for municipal usage. You can have a Unimog with a front mower attachment or crane mower attachments. The possibilities are endless here.

6. Unimog Woodchipper

A wood chipper Unimog is every lumberjack’s dream. It is a fascinating machine for turning larger pieces of wood into chips. These can be used for not just manufacturing processes, but they can also be the result of a cleared pathway.

7. Unimog Hitch

Tractors use hitches for traction and stability during difficult farming tasks. While a Unimog has optimal weight distribution, you can still add a three point hitch for extra support. This is a common attachment that you can find in the used Unimog market.

8. Unimog Camperbox

There’s no need to get any fancy RVs or camper vans when you can have a camper box Unimog. It is a truck that has a camper box instead of the usual truck bed. Since the Unimog can take you anywhere, you can camp in difficult places as well.

9. Unimog Snow Plow and Snow Blower

Unimogs and the snow go together pretty well. It is very common to see these trucks being used to clear out roads and pathways in heavy winters. A snowplow or blower attachment combines with their superb ground clearance and weight distribution.

10. Unimog Backhoe

A backhoe is optimal for many digging and earth-moving jobs. A Unimog can have a backhoe attachment on its rear end, with a bulldozer attachment upfront. This earthmoving equipment helps in a smaller job-site with limited space for heavy machinery.

Bonus Type: Unimog Forklift!

A rarer, yet very useful Unimog implement is the forklift. This will allow you to lift and transport heavy objects around. This setup is much quicker than a regular forklift and it doesn’t need to be carried around on separate trucks.


So, these were the common Unimog attachments and equipment for sale that you can find online. There is no surprise that a Unimog is much more than a farm tractor. It can be an alternative to all sorts of construction machinery and other utility vehicles.

It is better to buy a Unimog that already has the required implement attached to it. If you plan on adding an attachment to your Unimog, make sure it is compatible with it. For the best Unimog attachments, visit: https://www.unimogmeister.com/used-unimog-mercedes/unimog-attachements-accessoiries-tires/