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Mercedes unimog

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

In 1951 Mercedes-Benz Bought the Unimog. Mercedes the car company decided to build and develop the Unimog. Being a product of the German car manufactur, the Unimog truck has come a long way. Today it is known as one of the best off-road expedition vehicle. Besides being a excelent camper truck, the Unimog also comes in handy as agricultural tractor.

The Unimog was designed to be a multipurpose vehicle. It should help the farmer on the field, plowing for example, and bring the farmer to his destination in no time.

New Unimogs by Mercedes

Back in the days the Unimog was a popular vehicle that could do it all. The status that the Unimog had in the truck as well tractor world has decreased. Less Unimogs are produced by Mercedes today. Currently they focusses on the Unimog that can be put in to work for jobs on the farm side but and for muncipality work, think of maintaining the green besides the road. The Unimog model that they use for this kind of work is the U405, also known as the Unimog U400 or U500.

Besides the newly build U405 Mercedes also builds expedition vehicles that can be used by companies in Africa or the middle east. The Unimog 437 (U4000 & U5000) is also loved by people that want to travel the world (in style).

Ordering a brand new unimog is still posible today. The average time it takes is about 4 months.

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