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Multi-use truck

Practical use of the Unimog in different sectors

Unimog in the military

The Unimog is best known for it’s use in different armed forces. Originally designed as a agricultural vehicle The Unimog soon got spotted by the Swiss and later the French army in the early 1950’s. After that the truck got picked up by armed forces around the world, using it for mobile command centers, troop transportation, fire trucks, ambulances and even as a base for large machine guns. Even today countries like Germany, United States of America and Argentina use both older and new Unimogs in their armed forces.

Army military Unimog 406

Unimog Snow plow or Unimog snow blower 

People in regions with a lot of snow may also know the Unimog as a snow plow or snow blower. Yes, there is a difference. The Unimog snow blower brushes the road and sucks the snow inside a huge vacuum cleaner, leading it out of a massive pipe and leaving the snow alongside the road. The Unimog snow plow literary plows through the snow wit a big knife like construction, pushing the snow too both sides of the road. 

Railroad 2-way Unimog

Another place to see a Unimog in the wild is on the railroad track. The Mercedes Unimog (with some adjustments) can be used as a 2-way truck as well. Shunt heavy trailer loads first and then maintain overhead track lines. It’s all possible with the 2-way Unimog. After the job is done the often yellow colored Unimog goes off-rail and on the road for a job elsewhere. . For many years, the versatile 2-way Unimog has proven itself on rails and on the road, and it captivates with efficiency and great flexibility. Because as a professional tool carrier, the 2-way Unimog takes on the most diverse tasks.

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It’s a fire truck too

If plowing snow or maintaining overhead tracks isn’t enough, the Unimog is also used as a firetruck. Firefighters around the world depend on the Unimog for displacing tools and personnel as well as water for putting out fires. The Unimog may not be the fastest fire truck in the book, but is indispensable for putting out forest fires and rescuing civilians every day of the week.  

Unimog fire truck

Unimog versatility 

The versatility of the Unimog is endless. The vehicle is used in forestry and of course there are still agricultural Unimogs. These vehicles are super strong and often last for years in the fleet of municipalities and companies. Zoos and energy companies also make good use of the big brother of the Mercedes G-Class.