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Unimog camper

Unimog Camper

Do you see yourself driving through the wild in a rough 4×4 with big tires and enough space to take you family on a wild camping trip, then maybe a Unimog Camper is the right rig for you. For decades the Unimog has proven itself to be a rough rider when it comes to heavy terrain. The Unimog Camper is no exception. It can go where no normal RV has gone before and if you have the guts to drive a Unimog on a camping trip, you should have the guts to take it there.

Buy or build a Unimog Camper?

Should you reinvent the wheel and make it better or do you rely on the experience of a previous Unimog camper owner? It all depends on what you want  from the Unimog. If you need power outputs a stand for your motor bike and a pool on the roof, maybe it’s time for a Unimog Camper building project. Just choose a Unimog and start collecting the parts you need. Or buy a brand new beast. A custom build Unimog motorhome should set you back a couple of hundred thousand dollars, but it’s worth the experience.

If a building project or a new Unimog camper is not your cup of tea, then maybe a second hand Unimog camper is the way to go. If you can see through the dents of the rough terrain it already conquered and if you can accept the interior the previous owner of the unimog camper installed, you are on your way. Get behind the wheel, pick up your wife and kids and start your holiday with some real adventure. The look on their faces when you drive up the street in a Unimog camper will be priceless!

Where should you go camping?

It’s obvious the regular campsites are not the places you would want to see. The beast is to heavy for most campsites anyway. This big boy is at it’s best when you take it places where few have gone before. Take your Unimog RV on a tour through the deserts of northern Africa or maybe some uninhabited region in Russia. Be careful on the army detailing though. Those regions aren’t to fly on camouflage.

If you decide to not take it trough heavy terrain think of maybe changing the tyres on your Unimog camper. The big boys don’t really care about mileage and it’s best to install some normal truc wheels. Other parts for your camper are widely sold so if it breaks down, replacing them should not be an issue.

Unimog: The ideal camper expedition vehicle

Off-road capabilities

  • Great ground clearance
    This is made possible by portal gears that allow the axles and transmission to be higher than the tires’ centers.

  • Small turning circle

  • flexible frame
    The frame allows the tires a wide range of vertical movement to allow the truck to comfortably drive over extremely uneven terrain.
  • Very compact size, being only 2.3 meter wide and 5 to 6 meter long

  • Advanced transmission

Spare parts worldwide available

Cool appearance

Don’t forget that every time that you walk away from your Unimog, that you look back and think what a Awesome rocking vehicle that Unimog is.

“Whether it’s in the bone-dry Gobi desert, in the tundra and taiga of Siberia or on the hot volcano crater road on Vesuvius, there is hardly a challenge in the world which the Mercedes-Benz Unimog would not be capable of taking on.”

Alex Miedema