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Middle East

Unimog’s in the middle east

buy & sell Unimog’s in the dessert

Build in Germany, used in the middle east

The Unimog can be found everywhere. The forest, on the beach, but also in the deserts of the Middle East in Arabic countries. What you might not have expected is that there are many Unimog enthusiasts in the middle east. Think of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain & the United Arab Emirates. You can buy new Unimog’s worldwide at different official Mercedes-Benz dealers.

Technology and globalization, Unimog’s worldwide

Technology has brought mankind to new levels and areas of vehicles. Think about the Mercedes-Benz Unimog, the truck that was developed in Germany after world-war 2. First it was a multi-functional vehicle designed for farmers and today it is a multi-functional luxurious and comfortable truck that is used by all kind of industries. The new and old Unimog has fans from over the whole world.

Besides that, the Unimog has been developed into a modern vehicle by means of technology, the technology has also ensured that people worldwide are more in contact with each other. Due to globalization, the German vehicle can be found in all regions of the world and not only in Germany, France and Switzerland. Unimog’s are for sale everywhere.

Unimog usage in different sectors

Oil & Gas industry

The gas and oil industry in the middle east makes full use of the Mercedes truck. The Unimog is appreciated for its versatile use. It functions in the oil and gas industry in countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Yemen as a true do-it-all.

unimogs from an oil company

On the rail and on construction site

Besides the oil and gas companies, also railroad companies love Unimog’s. Currently there are new & used railroad Unimog’s in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Because the Unimog can be used in many ways and can therefore be used on all terrains, such as the desert in Saudi Arabia and ports in Qatar and Bahrain, Unimog’s are also sometimes seen driving on construction sites in the Middle East.

Unimog with railroad system in the middle east

Unimog middle east, unimog for sale with railroad system

Import a new Unimog to the middle east

When you want to buy a new Unimog from Germany then you need to find an official Mercedes-Benz dealer/company that is located in countries such as Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrein or elsewhere in Asia.

Used Unimog from Europe

It is also possible to import a used Unimog from Germany or the Netherlands. Unimog dealers from Europe can export a Unimog to Arabic countries. They will ship the vehicle in a shipping container or ride them on a roll on, roll off cargo boat. Another option is to find a Unimog for sale that is located in the middle east.

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