Unimog Off-road Motorhome

Unimog Off-Road Motorhome

Motorhomes aren’t only for old people. Is your dream to travel the world off road? Then the Unimog camper is the way to go! Once again the Unimog lives up to its name. A Unimog camper is universal and can be used for almost everything, This time as a custom build expedition vehicle to cross the world and its obstacles. The off-road capability of the Unimog is legendary. Equipped with permanent or selectable all-wheel drive, all the locks you could wish for and portal axles for ground clearance, which is unparalleled, the Universal Motor device is more than adequate for all requirements of an expedition vehicle. Unimogs have long served as the expedition vehicle of choice for those brave or brash enough to venture into the far corners of the globe.

Unimog: The ideal camper expedition vehicle

Off-road capabilities

  • Great ground clearance
    This is made possible by portal gears that allow the axles and transmission to be higher than the tires’ centers.

  • Small turning circle

  • flexible frame
    The frame allows the tires a wide range of vertical movement to allow the truck to comfortably drive over extremely uneven terrain.
  • Very compact size, being only 2.3 meter wide and 5 to 6 meter long

  • Advanced transmission

Spare parts worldwide available

Cool appearance

Don’t forget that every time that you walk away from your Unimog, that you look back and think what a Awesome rocking vehicle that Unimog is.

“Whether it’s in the bone-dry Gobi desert, in the tundra and taiga of Siberia or on the hot volcano crater road on Vesuvius, there is hardly a challenge in the world which the Mercedes-Benz Unimog would not be capable of taking on.”

Alex Miedema