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Unimog for Municipality Usage: 6 Road Maintenance That A Unimog Can Do

Unimog trucks are some of the most popular vehicles in Europe and North America. They’re trucks that can be used for all sorts of purposes. These trucks are the first choice is most regions for agricultural and industrial applications due to their power and construction.

One of the main uses of Unimogs is municipality-related maintenance. Yes, these trucks are used by contractors to keep the streets and roads in shape. These trucks can be used throughout the year, even when it is snowing heavily. So, why are they used, what are they used for, and which ones are the best?

Why A Unimog Should Be Chosen for Municipality Usage

We could go on and on about the usefulness of a Unimog and still not finish. This is a truck that sports a multitude of features that help make it a primal choice for heavy usage. The following are some of the features that make it preferred for municipality usage:

  • High Efficiency and Power

You obviously need a truck that is efficient for government use. Fuel costs need to be minimized but at the same time, the truck needs to be powerful. This is where the Unimog comes in as the more recent models are known for having less cylinders and fuel-saving technology.

Even the older Unimog trucks consume pretty well based on their larger engine sizes. Either way, you can expect a very capable machine that will work on any terrain and steepness. Combine this with an all-wheel drive system and it becomes even more suitable for tough conditions.

  • Compatibility and Versatility

At the same time, Mercedes or Daimler have made the Unimog available in countless configurations. The truck can be equipped with numerous tools, cabs, bed sizes and wheelbases. If you are a contractor, you can find a plethora of Unimog trucks, each more suited to your needs than the last.

This means that the truck can be used for just as many applications. You can find these trucks equipped with snow ploughs, snow blowers, cranes, sweeping setups, street pavers, etc. This is unlike most vehicles, which require that you buy purpose-built variants. A Unimog is as versatile as it can get though.

  • Reliability and Durability

Unimog trucks are well-known for lasting generations without any major breakdowns. The number of decades-old Unimogs you’ll find on the used market are a testament to this fact. They’re built tough and are easy to maintain. As a result, they’re chosen by most contractors, especially the new ones.

  • Optimal Comfort and Technology

A Unimog truck is not just a dimwitted workhorse. It also provides comfort to the driver as the cabin is spacious and full of high-quality materials. A Unimog can be loaded with gizmos and goodies that make the driving experience a lot easier and hence better.

The 6 Types of Municipal Jobs A Unimog Can Do for You

A Unimog truck can do it all, including municipal work. The following are some of the road maintenance tasks that a Unimog can help you with flawlessly:

1.      Cleaning Streets

One of the attachments you can find on a Unimog is the rotating brush. This makes it a much better alternative for street cleaning that a purpose-built cleaner that is smaller and a lot slower.

2.      Plowing and Blowing Snow

In the case of deep snow, most vehicles are blocked and are hence unable to make it through. This is where the municipal Unimog comes in. Attach a snow plow or a snow blower, and you’ll have snow-cleared streets in no time.

3.      Deploying De-Icing Salt

Ice can be very dangerous for cars in the winter as it leads to slippage. This can be prevented using a Unimog equipped with a dispenser for deicing salt (sodium chloride). It prevents the surface from becoming icy, reducing the chances of accidents.

4.      Mowing Grass

Freshly mowed grass can breathe new life into a municipality. You can find a Unimog with a grass cutting attachment in the market.

5.      Electrical Maintenance

Electric poles and towers on the side of the road can require maintenance or repairs due to damage. A Unimog with a crane and/or a lift can be optimal for municipal electric workers to make repairs.

6.      Construction and Roadworks

A Unimog truck can have attachments upfront that help it pave the road. This can be a helpful tool when fixing roads and potholes.


As shown, the Unimog trucks are an unmatchable tool for road maintenance. If you’re planning on getting one, then it is best that you look for a Unimog 405 (U300/U400/U500) and/or a Unimog 425/435/437.

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