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The 3 Unimogs That Are the Best for The Snow!

A Unimog truck is the ideal machine for most heavy usage applications. This includes industrial and agricultural applications, along with forestry. But what about when it gets freezing cold and it starts to snow? Will a Unimog work then, or will you have to call off work?

The simple answer is yes! A Unimog can navigate to pretty much any corner of the planet if you equip it right. However, there are some models that are just better for the snow, and especially for snow maintenance applications. Read about them in the following piece.

Why a Unimog Can Be Used in The Snow

A Unimog can be used for anything, but it excels especially on snow. Go around the villages of Germany and you’ll find that Unimog trucks have been used to clear snow piles for generations. All it takes is the attachment of a snow plow, or a snow blower, and everything in the Unimog’s path is removed.

The Unimog is chosen to deal with snow usage and maintenance for the following reasons:

High Ground Clearance

A Unimog is known for many things; one of them is its high ground clearance. This helps it hover over the snow and any types of rocks that you encounter. It’ll help the truck’s underside be protected against any sort of damage or against getting stuck. It’ll also help the truck deal better with shocks.

All-Wheel Drive

Secondly, Unimog trucks come equipped with 4-wheel drive systems. This means that all of its tires receive power from the transmission as opposed to single-wheel drive trucks. As a result, the entire truck gets an evenly distributed pickup force, which makes driving off-terrain easier.

Optimal Weight Distribution

Some trucks are too heavy up front or in the back. As a result, they tend to sink in the snow wherever they’re heavier, causing themselves to get stuck. That’s not the case with a Unimog though despite its long wheelbase. Weight is distributed properly, and this is something you’ll find in more recent models.

Thick Offroad Tires

Tires matter a lot and can turn the frailest sedan into a snow eating machine. This shouldn’t be a problem for your Unimog, as it is famous for having chunky offroad tires. These tires provide it with the right amount of grip and surface area to deal with even the deepest of snow terrains.

Suitable Equipment

As mentioned above, even old Unimog models can be equipped for snow ploughing or snow blowing. This makes Unimog trucks a lot more versatile than their rivals.


Which Are the Best Unimogs for The Snow?

While all Unimog models can serve you in the snow, there are some that are more cut out for the job. They are the following:

Unimog 405 (U300/U400/U500)

This is one of the more recent Unimog generations that you can find in a great condition in the market. the U 20, U 300, U 400 and U 500 are some examples of nice models to have from this make. These trucks can be found with at least 150hp that can double, depending on the variant.

Unimog 424/427

If you’re willing to get an older Unimog, then the 424 and 427 are a great choice. These are boxier in shape and a major difference between the two is in terms of their axles. These models were pretty popular during the 80s and 90s and they have a maximum power output of 240hp (125hp minimum).

Unimog 425/435/437

These Unimog models can be some of the oldest on this list and they’re still in production. These trucks have been produced since the 1970s and they feature very efficient and powerful engines. This is one of the most capable ranges from the Unimog brand you can find.


That puts an end to our discussion about Unimogs in the snow. Undoubtedly, these trucks should have no trouble driving through the snow. But most importantly, they’ll help clear out the snow for other drivers. As a result, we can find them being the vehicles of choice for snow clearance.

At the same time, it is imperative that one spends their money on the right Unimog for snow maintenance. While all of them can be modified to do the job, the ones mentioned above are masters of the craft.

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