Unimog Tuning

Mercedes Benz makes it’s Unimogs for rough terrain. From old Unimog 406 until the newest Unimog U 5023, they all make life easier for the working man in rough terrain. But what if you don’t own a Unimog for working? What if you want to take your big boy out for racing or on a Unimog rally? Is it possible to take a Unimog our rallying and what about Unimog tuning?

Unimog Tuning

The modern Unimog models don’t go faster than 55 miles an hour. If you have a rally in the dessert, that won’t be fast enough. A standard Unimog will never win you a rally. You might want some Unimog tuning to step up your Uimog’s game. The best possible way to do this is let a Unimog tuning specialist take over. Now these specialist will turn your trusted Mog into a whole other car. In a few weeks time your Unimog is turned into a black hellhound with speed and power. Speed and power for a Unimog do not come cheap though.

If you want an easy and relatively cheap way to tune your Unimog, you might want to consider an engine swap. The 231 bhp from the original Unimog engine is hard to tune, so a complete swap is the way to go. Which engine to choose is a whole other story. There is a difference between the engine of a G Klasse or an old truck engine. They will both giv you extra horsepower, but old truck engines tend to be heavy in weight. G Klasse engines are not the cheapest engines on the block.

Do not only change the Unimog’s engine

If you only swap the Unimog’s engine, you will eventually kill the standard Unimog gearbox and if you develop enough speed, you will demolish the breaks of your tuned beast. Find bigger and better Unimog parts in our directory or contact us for a custom search for better Unimog parts. While you are at it, take the terrain you will be doing the rally on into consideration. The suspension of a standard Unimog truck is not suitable for taking heavy terrain in high speed.

Now you have customized the engine, gearbox and suspension of your Rally Unimog, you might want to change its appearance. A Unimog that competes in rallys needs a custom paint job. If you have sponsors who are paying you for your rally endeavours choose a basic color as a foundation for your sponsor’s brand stickers.    

Optical Unimog Tuning

Of Course you don’t need to tune the engine of your Unimog. If you are happy with the power coming from it’s four cylinder block it’s always possible to just stick with personalizing the looks of the beast. There are endless possibilities when it comes to visually tuning your Unimog. Optical Unimog tuning has everything to do with taste. So if you want to lower the springs, change the rims or totally redo the car’s paint job, it’s all up to you and your good taste.

We know most Unimog owners like to work on the truck themselves. But when it comes to springs, tyres and rims, our advice is to get help from a professional. Of Course, if you are a pro yourself, there is nothing keeping you from tuning your Unimog.