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Unimog for sale Slovenia

Are you dreaming of owning an Unimog in Slovenia? You can find used Unimogs for sale at Unimogmeister.com. Buy the ideal Mercedes-Benz Unimog quickly and easily. Buy from a private individual or from a Unimog dealer in Slovenia or worldwide.

Unimogmeister is the place to buy a used or new Unimog. The most important thing is to find your dream type that suits your needs. Are you looking for a 404, 406 (agrar), 421 or do you want something bigger? Have a look at the U series. Find an Army U1300L, a small U1000 or buy a U1700 or a U2450.


Sell and buy used or new Mercedes-Benz Unimogs

This website functions as a marketplace where people from Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, USA, Australia, UK and more places from over the world can sell and buy a Unimog, parts or attachments and import and export them to and from Slovenia.

We try to provide you with the ideal expedition vehicle but also your army or forest truck. Unimogmeister helps you to buy a Unimog in Slovenia.

Note: the website is available in English, German and Dutch.

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Buy parts and attachments

There are lots of sellers that sell Unimog parts and attachments and ship them to Slovenia. Do you need special parts that you cannot find? Please contact unimogmeister.com and we can find the right part for you.

Popular Unimogs to buy in Slovenia

  • Unimog Doka
  • Unimog Cabrio
  • Unimog with Crane
  • Unimog Agrar
  • Unimog Forst
  • Unimog Camper / Unimog expedition vehicle
  • Unimog Winch
  • Fully restored/repaired Unimog
  • MB-Trac
  • Unimog Ruthmann
  • Funmog

Worldwide Experts In Unimogs

Searching for a specialist? Companies and dealers can help you. Want to buy an Unimog or have a costum build truck? Click Here To find an Unimog expert, dealer or mechanic near you in Slovenia.