MB TRAC for sale
The MB Trac was a tractor made by Mercedes-Benz. Originally the vehicle was intended for the Bundeswehr, but the purchase was waived there. Mercedes-Benz then converted the MB trac into a tractor. The MB Trac was mainly known for its high speed of 50 km / h. The MB Trac is a development based on the Unimog chassis (UNIversal MOtor Gerät). It is a four-wheel drive tractor with four equally sized wheels. It is possible to connect implements to the front and rear via a so-called three-point lifting device. The MB-trac was mainly used in agriculture. These tractors were also to be found in forestry as well as in municipalities (for winter maintenance, street maintenance) and in construction companies (with plate compactors or for street cleaning). There was also MB-trac for special purposes. Some have been used in the military (e.g. as an aircraft tug or for site administration), in mining, as a two-way vehicle or in other special areas, often in connection with considerable modifications. See all MB Tracs that are for sale below. Buy a MB Trac today.