Unimog 2010

The Unimog 2010 was the first Unimog built by Mercedes. When Mercedes took over Boehringer, the orginal Unimog producer, they decided to change the model 70200 to 2010 and start producing the Unimog in Gaggenau.

Built by Mercedes but no silver star

Although this Unimog was really built by Mercedes, there was no silver star on the grill or hood. This one stll carried the white and red Boehringer bull. The Unimog model 2010 was widely used in different industries, for example on airports to tow airplanes, on the construction site, as agricultural tractor on the field and in the forest. The multi-functional Unimog could do it all!

Unimog 401/402

After the succes of the 2010 and a lot of development, Mercedes introduced the Unimog 401 in 1953. In addition to cabrio Unimogs, Unimogs with closed cabins (built by Westfalia) were also produced. This was the first Unimog with the long overdue Mercedes Star. The Unimog that was produced by Mercedes Benz didn’t have any competion. There was no other tractor that was just as multi-functional as the Unimog. With features such as portal axles for great ground clearance and a small loading platform to transport machines and equipment. Later on the 411 replaced the 401/402. The Model stayed the same, except for the engine and his power that had been replaced for something more powerfull.