Unimog 405

Daimler produced multiple versions of the Unimog 405. Daimler AG built it as the successor to the Unimog 408. Some model series that where produced under the name 405 are the Unimog U300, U318, U400, U423, U500, U530 and more. In April 2000 Mercedes-Benz introduced the world with a new Unimog-generation the 405. The state-of-the-art vehicle has a cabin made of fiber-reinforced plastic and offers the best visibility and a high level of comfort. Daimler conquered a lot of different markets with the 405, think about agricultural purposes but also as municipal work or as a firetruck. You could also see the Unimog on the rail-tracks with their railroad system that gave the Unimog the freedom to drive on the roads as well on the track.