Unimog U408/418 (U90-U100-U110-U140)

“The Unimog 408 (U90) is a vehicle in the Unimog series from Mercedes-Benz. Daimler AG built it as the successor to the Unimog 407 between 1992 and 2001 at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Gaggenau. This light Unimog series produced a total of 2050 vehicles in four models.

It was built together with the lightweight Unimog 418 (as U110 and U140), both of which were available with newly developed, square cabs: either as a high roof or with a normal height. In addition, the bonnet was also available in two versions: as a so-called “view duct bonnet” with a flattened area on the driver’s side, or a symmetrical bonnet.

In 2001, the Unimog 408 was replaced by the current Unimog 405, while the Unimog 418, the last representative of the medium-weight series, was discontinued in 1998.” – Source: Wikipedia

The Unimog 408 again proves that the Mercedes Unimog is the ideal vehicle to buy. It is widely used as expedition, transport, fire or as camper truck.