Unimog 419 for sale
The Unimog U419 is one of the countless special versions of the legendary all-purpose off-road truck, but a particularly interesting one. As a pioneer vehicle with a hydraulic excavator and snow plow, it was built exclusively for the US armed forces under the Freightliner label. The 419 looks very familiar, that is because it is based on the Unimog 406. Because the 419 functions as a military vehicle Mercedes choose to equip the 419 with a 24 volt system instead of a 12 volt system. Most vehicles were so-called Small Emplacement Excavators, SEE Tractor for short. Other models beside the SEE where the HME: High Mobility Entrencher and the HMMH: High Mobility Material Handler. Buy a unimog 419 today at Unimogmeister.com.